Tiny Bird

by A Raven Called Crow

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Recorded by A Raven Called Crow) in 2005 in a small wooden room using a banjo, a kazoo, some lima beans in a jar, the bathtub, a cactus shaker and the squeaks of a tiny bird named Kiko.


released November 20, 2005

A Raven Called Crow- Lyrics, Vocals, Banjo, kazoo, bathtub beats, laptopophone, cactus shaker, lima beans in a jar, whispers.
Kiko the tiny bird- Squeaks and feather flaps



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A Raven Called Crow Victoria, British Columbia

A Raven Called Crow makes a glittering web in her heart's palm and that's how she catches songs.

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Track Name: Golden in the Morning
You are Golden in the morning
like the mist around the corn
wearing your shadows
like a robe
when you laugh
moths are born,
when you sing
my heart keeps the beat
leave your shadows darling
hangin by the door
we will shed our skins tonight
polish our bones tonight
lay down in the long grass
down in the long grass
let the light creep in where only dark has been
where only dark has been.....
Track Name: Above Clouds (demo version)
.... Now I walk
I walk this crooked road
I have no fear,
because I know...
There is a place
a place above the clouds
Thats where all the lost ones go...
Thats where all the lost ones go...
Track Name: The Fabled Sea
Dreaming Bones
Dreaming Desert
Dreaming Fire in the night
Fire from heaven
Burn my vision
Burn my fear like a twisted tree....
Track Name: Vermillion Skies
When you have listened
to the sap rising
left the rooks to Caw
and nestled down,
way down, under your pine needle bed
your hunger will fill
though you have not been fed
And the sky
She will Sigh
Vermillian Red
Track Name: Give Me A Rope
give me a rope
and I will swing
from my knotted tree
deep into your crystal lake
Track Name: Postman Postman
Postman Postman
Can you tell me
How much love
Can you carry?
Track Name: Dusty Road
Take a walk along a long dusty road
What do you see?
What do you see?
Track Name: Fish in the Sea
If I were a fish in the sea
If I were a fish in the sea
I'd call you down to swim with me
If I were a bear in a cave
If I were a bear in a cave
I'd snuggle you
the whole winter through
If I were a bird in the sky
I'd think of you as I flew
South for the Winter
and North for the Spring
I'd think of you and I'd sing
If I were a bird in a cave
if I were a bear in the sea
if i were a fish in the sky
Id be the apple of your eye
if I were a fish in a cave
bear in the sky
bird in the sea
I'd ask you to marry me